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Blank Reykjavik

Blank Reykjavík is an online store that specializes in lifestyle products. The online store is run by the company Blank Reykjavík ehf. It is best to contact us by sending an email to

Social security number 600122 - 3200

VAT no. 143656


Blank Reykjavík is not responsible for typing errors or incorrect information published on the website. Prices and product descriptions are also included. Blank Reykjavík reserves the right to change prices or stop offering a product or product types as a whole without notice.

Delivery of goods

Blank Reykjavík uses the delivery service Dropp, which delivers products in 1-2 working days after the order is placed. Orders are processed as soon as possible, often the same day. Prices are published subject to photo distortions or typographical errors.

Product price and shipping costs

All prices in the online store are shown in Icelandic króna (ISK) and include 24% value added tax.

For drop shipments, Dropp's delivery, warranty and transport terms apply. According to this, Blank Reykjavík is not responsible for any damage that may occur to the product in transit. If the product is damaged from the time it is sent to the person concerned, the damage is the responsibility of the buyer or carrier.

Customers cannot refuse to receive a shipment and thus cancel an order, without communicating this to Blank Reykjavík ehf.

Blank Reykjavík reserves the right not to process an order if the product is sold out and/or there is a change in product availability and price. In those cases, the buyer will be contacted, who will then have the option of a refund or a choice of another product.

Shipping costs are added during the payment process if you choose Drop delivery locations or home delivery. If a product is not picked up within three months from when it is ordered, the product goes back on sale.

Payment options

You can pay for products in the online store in the following ways:

Blank Reykjavík ehf. uses a secure payment gateway from Aur, Netgíró and Rapyd. You can pay with all major credit and debit cards. When payment has been made and confirmation is received by Blank Reykjavík ehf., a confirmation email will be sent to the buyer and the transaction is thereby confirmed.

Exchanging and returning a product

A 14-day right of return is granted when purchasing a product upon presentation of a sales invoice that adequately shows when the product was purchased. The product must be unused, in perfect condition and in its original packaging. When returning a product, it is based on its original price.

It is not possible to exchange or return a product purchased on sale/discount. If you want to exchange a product, please contact us by email: or on social media: @blankreykjavik.

If the buyer does not want to exchange the product for another product, he can get a refund.

The amount of the refund shall be that stated on the order confirmation, however shipping and postage fees are not refunded. The buyer pays the shipping costs for products that are exchanged/returned.

Blank Reykjavík ehf. does not pay for the reception fee if the order is returned.

Faulty product

If, unfortunately, the product turns out to be defective, the customer must contact Blank Reykjavík ehf. within 4 weeks of purchase.

Blank Reykjavík ehf. accepts defective products in all cases, but reserves the right to reject complaints for products that have not been properly handled. Please email us at titled "defective product". The email must include the order number along with a description of the defect and a photo. If a product is defective, the customer is offered a new product.

Proprietary disclaimer

Sold goods are the property of the seller until the buyer has paid the purchase price in full.

Discounts and offers

Blank Reykjavík ehf. may temporarily offer promotional prices and discounts, with or without promotional codes. Discounts cannot be added to an order after it has been confirmed. therefore, it is necessary to ensure that all information about such is recorded before the order is confirmed and paid for.

Blank Reykjavík ehf. reserves the right to withdraw any discount, promotional price or promotional code at any time.

Discounts and discount codes (code) do not apply to products that are on offer before or with other offers.

Customer satisfaction

We put a lot of effort into the satisfaction of our customers. If there is something you are unhappy with please contact us, we always want to solve the problems as soon as possible. If the product is defective or if the buyer is dissatisfied with the product, we encourage the buyer to contact us by email:

Copyright and Trademarks

All content on the website such as text, graphics, logos, buttons, icons, images and software is owned by Blank Reykjavík ehf. Therefore, any use of content from the website is prohibited or subject to permission from its owner.

Privacy and confidentiality

Blank Reykjavík promises the buyer complete confidentiality regarding all information he provides in connection with the transaction. This information is only accessible to Blank Reykjavík and the company responsible for receiving payments, it will not be distributed to third parties under any circumstances.

About cookies

There are two types of cookies. Another one stores a text file for a certain period of time, its purpose is, for example, to tell you what has happened since you last visited the site. The other type is the so-called session cookie, which does not have a date. The text file is saved temporarily, while you are on a website and could for example help to remember the language you are using. As soon as the browser is closed, the text file is deleted.

At we use cookies to keep track of what you have put in the shopping cart. We also use cookies to keep track of statistics and to help develop the web filter. This information is collected in collaboration with third parties.

Accounting data

Our accounting data is stored in accordance with the security requirements of the Personal Protection Act and the Act on the Entry and Retention of Accounts. The storage and saving of such information is based on the relevant laws.

Law of the forum:

This agreement is in accordance with Icelandic law. If a case arises because of him, it shall be prosecuted before the Reykjavík District Court.